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Life Change Class

60 Minutes, from Overwhelm to Relief.

All of a caterpillar's cells melt down into a goopy sludge. 
Then, cell-by-cell, it rebuilds into a completely new organism,
the Butterfly.

Humans experience change as well.
The 5 Big Changes are:
Moving, Divorce, Death,
Empty Nest and Employment.

This class will be amazing:
how to go from one state, your past, to something new.
There are simple steps you can take
to create a new life,
when your old one shatters.

Find yourself, and your purpose.
Take one Deep Breath.
Let's begin, again.

I have done this work.
I have rebuilt three times.

Hard things do happen -
and they feel overwhelming.
We won't ignore them, but we will
focus on your Rebuild,
and you'll feel some Relief just by showing up and 
knowing you're not alone.

Join me Sunday, September 18, 1:00 pm EDT, for a 1 hour group class. I'll give you all the tools to feel better. Click button to sign up.

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