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 I am Your Coach.

Let's be examples of 

When was the last time you truly, 100%, all-in,
enjoyed something? Let's get THERE. 


Yes! Reaching higher to enjoy life and love--that is my purpose. It is simple. It is everything. It is more than enough.

Did I start there? NO.

There are times when we must scoop our
smooshed parts off the floor and recreate our lives.

the fence on the edge of what is comfortable and known.
Jump over it, or gently go around it.

What do you want?

Here's the TRUTH:
you don't need anyone else to tell you
the answers.
You have all the answers inside of you,
for literally every questi
on you'll ever have.

I believe in your ability to figure out your life.

Click to schedule a private virtual call.
In one session, I will give you as many tools
as possible in the allotted time.
For the DIYer, you'll walk away
with everything you need to manage your mind
and your life. 

What People are Saying:


"Thank you so much. I had so much information and so many feelings swimming around in my brain that I just felt like I needed someone to listen and help me sort it all into smaller piles." 


"...It kind of felt like brainstorming out loud and allowed us to eliminate facts or thoughts that probably didn’t matter, but kept me digging for what did.  So powerful! "


"I am going to take what I learned and work at creating better boundaries. Thank you again, Tami.  You have no idea how much this session allowed me to exhale a bit.  I look forward to working with you again in the future.  It was so amazing to have someone who had no emotional bias help clarify what was going on.  Clarity is priceless."



I am a writer, an author & coach. I was recently divorced after 28 years, in the most loving way I could imagine. I spent 20 years in an orthodox religion, and chose to leave. I was adopted at 22 years old, and wrote a book about that year of my life. I adore reading all categories of non-fiction. I'm a recovering Hallmark Christmas addict. 

My educational background is in Human Development,  Psychology, & Creative Writing.

I am in love with the process of connecting to ourselves, in a world that is increasingly disconnected. I practice this "alignment" time as the foundation for my day. I enjoy coaching for the transformative A-Ha's I witness, and the connection I feel in our virtual couch time.

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Green Couch
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