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Act 3, episode 7: Happy Sunday

Yeeeee! It has finally happened.

The atmosphere here in Central Florida is cooling and the office window


so I can hear the fountain water splash as I type.

Oh, bliss.

You know, this little endeavor of mine really has become all about creating a great life.

All the focus on the "gray divorce" was perhaps necessary to get me to this place,

but I really don't need to stay there.

There's so much more beyond it.

It's not been very long, being in this space of



with my whole soul beaming.

There's been work to get here.

And I don't beam every minute of every day.

As I write this, I'm beaming. Which tells me to keep writing these little ditties.

The world may say, market the blog, get ads to make money.


I like money. I'm starting to look at all my experience and beliefs about money,

opening up the box to see what's in there. Sort it, purge. Use what I can.)

I'd rather these words reach people during their own big or small life-change events.

That's what I want. I want to provide it for free and let it

go out and mingle. If it helps: Yay.

I am seeing no "topic" here today, which is new, but I'm going to go with it.

Yesterday, I saw an analogy. It was so clear in my mind. And beautiful.

To illustrate it to you, I'll use the example of my desire to lose 10 pounds.

I want to lose ten pounds. My whys matter to me, but you don't need them for this analogy to work.

I want to lose 10 pounds.

I have set this goal and have set a stake out in the countryside, tethering me to that spot.

That's what I want.

As the bird flies, the distance is not too far away.

I've told you about the downstream concept, of being in flow and not using the oars.

Let's combine both of these concepts.

Yes, so as the bird flies, I want to get straight to my goal.

But as I'm in my kayak floating downstream, the waterway meanders back and forth.

Back and forth.

The current WILL eventually lead me to my goal.

But as it makes yet another turn, I look back over my shoulder at where my goal is and

my brain screams,

Wait! We're going the wrong way!

I want to lose 10 pounds, but I gain one here, and lose a half there, and

it takes 5 times as long to do what I THINK should be so easy.

The perspective from what I see in the kayak is limited.

If I was a bird, I'd see,

and I saw this in my mind for the analogy,

which is becoming a very wordy and meandering tale,

I'd see that this stream goes right to my destination. If I keep moving forward,

I will get there.

It's impossible to miss it!

There's no need to struggle, no paddling or panic.

Just flow with my intention.

When I get on the scale, and the number is up and down, or the same,

the tendency for my brain is to...


Blame? Judge? Guilt me?

It must be the food's fault. I knew I shouldn't have had dessert, or seconds at dinner.

Oh, I'm such a loser! I knew I couldn't do it.

If I could really see that the goal is already on its way, the 10 pounds will be gone

soon enough.

Remember: enough is a decision, not an amount.

What I want is just around a few corners.

Perhaps, if I let go, the stream will take me to little spots along the way,

where I meet people or have more experiences,

that I need or they need.

And all of that will bring more joy and fulfillment when I finally get to my goal.

It's never a good idea to panic in a boat.

Yet, we do it all of the dang time.

Today's Deep Breath: here's a practical juju nugget, a collective Next Best Decision.

Life is so rich.

Do you believe that?

Rich! As in, full to overflowing with experiences and colors and beauty.

I stream exercise workouts from my living room and at least once a week

I hear the instructor say,

"This is your time, you'll never get these 40 minutes back!"

Fall is here, people. At least, in my part of the world.

Holidays are coming. This fall, 2021, will never happen again.

What do I love about Halloween? I love roasting the pumpkin seeds with avocado oil and salt.

What do I love about cooler mornings? Sitting on the patio with my caffeine.

As I sit here, beaming and typing, I CAN SEE how beautiful it all truly is.

I no longer waste time screaming in my head, looking over my shoulder or paddling in a frenzy.

I am letting go. Setting the oars down.

Looking up. Excited for the benefits of what is at the next turn.

What do we miss, as we paddle so hard?


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