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Ep. 33: Numbers

Howdily-ho, Neighbors.

Often I start these little writings with something concrete, and then give it meaning. So let's go with that established habit brain pattern.

The number 33 seemed special, so I asked the google:

"Number 33 tells us that 'all things are possible'.

33 is also the number that symbolizes 'guidance',"

according to Ana Lui Photography.

Thank you, Ana.

Which is so FITTING for this week.

After last week's ditty, I taught a lesson on

using our inner wisdom to move forward in life,

usually only with that first step or two in front of us.

Like we have a flashlight taped to our ankle and we cannot see 33 steps ahead,

or even 5.

When we read, "ALL things are possible," we have a little voice that squeaks,

"No, they are not.

I've got a lot of evidence. That's just not true.

Look how my life has turned out.

Look what I've lost."

Or, you might think something like:

"That's Pie in the Sky--

come back to earth, to WHAT IS.

And What Is...

what is that?

Isn't it just what we know? Or are comfortable with?

What has been shown to us since birth?

I heard a wonderful summary this week of


and counter-culture.

Culture: what we have been taught IS.

Counter-culture, as in the 60s.

Swinging that pendulum all the way over to the other side.

Let's use women joining the work force as an example.

Some women want(ed) to enjoy the life that men enjoy, wanted equality.

So, as we do, we mirror what we have seen,

men go to work 9-5,

so women went to work 9-5.

But women still came home and cooked, cleaned, did laundry,

sorted the kids clothes as they grew out of them and kept their closets orderly, shopped for the majority of the food, cared for their families.

Some women did (do) this instead of sleeping,

instead of basic physical care for themselves.

Truth: we all live a life of expectation from what we've been taught,

until we don't.

When we don't, when we start deciding what we would like our days to look like,

we either counter, or move to the opposite,


we create something new, a middle road.

We can create a path, a journey.

And we are not alone.

There are many others here.

When my friend-who-is-now-my-ex and I separated, and then divorced,

I regularly thought, as I journaled every morning,

how do I want to do this?

I hadn't had many examples of couples staying together as long as we did,

and even fewer examples of those couples divorcing.

I was creating a new path.

And asking regularly, how do I want to do this?

I thought, "If I'm going to get divorced, it'll be with ease and grace."

There was also heartbreak, and loneliness, and sorrow, grief, guilt.

Obviously all the feelings were in the car with me.

I'm behind the wheel.

What kind of driver do I want to BE?

Today's Deep Breath: a practical juju nugget, a collective Next Best Decision.

Numbers are concrete. They just are. Like cement, right?

Often when I think of something I want to do or create, I get out a calculator.

I lean toward what is known.

In the last month, I have journaled differently,

and meditated daily,

and I feel a collapse of time.

A goal of ____________ will probably take this much time.

21 days for a new habit?

3 years to build profit in a business?

I have a concrete idea of what can be expected in any situation.


Have you ever had a MOMENT that changed your life?

Like in the minute before, you were someone.

And after that moment, it all looked different?

I've had that single, big moment, which led to more moments.

I wrote a book about that. (Please, go buy that book

If I look through my life,

my through-line of change and possibility

is the practice of journaling.

What I am seeing now is

me leading groups through journaling and meditation,

rising tides lift all boats.

I don't know what that looks like yet, all the details.

But it feels warm, and I'm stepping into it.

Let's see where it leads.

I trust me.

I trust the Universe.

Here's the path: sit and breathe for 15 minutes, then journal for 15 minutes.

Just see what comes up.

Love y'all.

Until next time,



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