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Ep. 37: Rise and Grind

If you've been with me for a while, you know I like to replace common language with things that are fun to say.

Recently, like, 6 days ago, I bought a house.

And all that is running through my brain 24/7 is, "Shut the front door."

It's not so much a feeling of disbelief...

I feel amazed.

Well, believe this: I am a homeowner.

I have lived in four homes of my own, yet never had a mortgage. The last home did include my name on the deed. I have sold four homes myself. Yet now I am a first-time buyer. I have a mortgage by myself. This is all a very long way of saying, shut the front door.

Or back the truck up. LOL.

So, yes, language. I have a point.

Rise and Grind. You may be wondering... what??

Look, nothing is worthwhile unless it is fun.

By fun, I mean: generally enjoyable.

Why be married if it's not generally enjoyable?

Why work 40 hours a week in a job if it's not at least a tinge enjoyable?

There are several meanings behind

Rise and Grind:

Get up and go to work, a basic level of existence.

But also:

get up and drink caffeine

ground from nature's bean.


Getting up and drinking coffee is still baseline living.

What I mean:

1.) RISE. Notice how you feel about things, and level it up.

Want more than what you've settled for.

This doesn't mean blow up your life, but it could. Rise above what you tell yourself about you. The way we think about ourselves matters.

We make ourselves wrong, mostly because someone else taught us how. We've been modifying ourselves since we were children.

"Don't be yourself, because You isn't good enough."


2.) GRIND: Make the Next Best Decision, and take one action to move toward what you want. Decide what you want, then 'flashlight on the ankle.'


Any questions?

Today's Deep Breath: here's a practical juju nugget, a collective Next Best Decision.

This year, I've talked a lot about thoughts.

I'm wondering...

and you can tell me what you think here,

I'm thinking it might be helpful to focus on how we feel.

Very often, when I ask a client how they feel,

they will say something like:

I feel like he isn't listening to me.

That's actually a thought.

No judgement! Just noticing. Classifying.

After life coach training, I literally sort sentences into categories.

So, what is a feeling?

Let's go basic:

sad, loss, lonely,

content or curious,

surprise, eager,

grateful, love, joy.

For January, I want to feel settled and grounded.

I am packing for a move this week.

So in reaction to this,

I want to feel settled,

because I currently don't feel settled.

We often set goals for a result we want:

lose 20 pounds, write a book, organize the garage.

What if our goal was to FEEL a certain way?

(I'm sorry, did I just blow your mind?)

When we change our feeling, it literally changes our day, and

all the things we do are tainted by the feeling we have.

So for all three of these goals, we may want to feel committed,

or willing to entertain commitment.

Or to possibly being open to being willing to feel committed.

Here's the nugget:

when you look in the mirror, naked, before your shower

and you say: "I love you,"

notice how you feel.

Notice how you feel.


every negative feeling is there to teach you something

about yourself and

your core beliefs about you.

Have fun with that.

If you want help understanding your feelings and

you want the tools to change them

so you can Rise and Grind,

this is what I do as a coach.

Sign up for a single session to get the tools to DIY your life,

or sign up for a 12-Pack so I can lead you through it,

give accountability, and hold space free of judgement.

I'm not going to tell you what to do.

You know what you want and

have your own wisdom on how to get there.

"Women don't need to find their voice.

They have a voice.

They need to feel empowered to use it.

And people need to be encouraged

to listen and support them."

~Meghan Markle.

Until next time,



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