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Ep. 46: What do you want?

Q: So, what do you want?

A: I don't know.

Insert puzzled emoji here.

It can feel knotty

(not naughty!)

in your belly

to NOT know.

Then we add:

I should know! I'm ______ years old.

If I don't know by now...

Sweeping, broad questions like this one are gutter balls.

Similar, is the

Q: How are you?

A: I'm good.

And quickly volley back, to divert attention from the subject

of you.

There's a lot of talking in the world. A lot of videos and scrolling and opinions.

There's a lot of busy.

There's a lot of worry.

There's a whole lot of not enough.



I feel grateful and lonely.

I feel productive and stuck.

Lost and


Back to our first sweeping, broad query,

what do you want?

Can I ask you a serious question?

If you had to fill a page of paper or screen with

what you want,

could you do it?

I was confronted with this simple exercise 6 months ago!

I started, and distracted away from it, several times.

For 6 months.

I think I feel like I'm going to get it wrong.

Because I've gotten so much wrong before.

(Go ahead, coach me.)

I know it's a thought.

That feels terrible, like failure.

And then I don't do my current next steps

because I'm immobilized.

I see all of that.

Can you relate?

What I see, is fear of success.

What if I declare what I want and have to take actions toward it...

I don't want to do those things

because I'll feel



I've made a decision:

I'm going to fail on purpose 25 times in the next quarter.

I'm going to repeat it, if I live, 2 more times.

For the next 9 months, I am going to fail 75 times.

On purpose.

Today's Deep Breath: here's a practical juju nugget, a collective Next Best Decision.

I won't jump from a plane or even a 2-story building.

I will not risk physical harm.

I'm going to brainstorm

(DON'T DO IT!!!)

a list of things I want to accomplish, complete or succeed at.


Then I will pick ONE THING.

Right now, I have no idea what it's going to be.

I have dueling in my mind about

this one

or that one...

There's a list, for sure.

But I'm alive, so why not??

Will you do it with me?

Before your brain says no,

here's the steps:

1. Brainstorm a list of successes you want, for the next 9 months.

2. Pick only one.

3. List all the reasons this one thing is freaking impossible. These are your obstacles.

4. Create 25 strategies for 25 of the obstacles. Do them.

5. Daily: think of the goal. Write your thoughts about it. If you know what a model is, do two. Each day.

If you are up for the challenge,

I'm curious what you decide to work toward.

Let me know by email or socials.

It could be 7 hours of sleep, if you are a 3rd shift worker.

It could be to quit drinking pop.

It could be running a 10K after bearably walking a 10K.

Running a new business.

Replacing your boss.

One complete month of vacation this year.

Selling everything and moving the family to Mexico to live on the beach.

Something impossible that you actually want.

WHY, you ask??

Why do it?

The entire universe is progressing, evolving, moving forward.

Nature is constantly in it's cycles;

it is our nature to do something,

to step forward.

When we don't...

it's comfortable...

Because our static status is familiar.

But we want...more.

I'm going to do a lengthy, dreamy brainstorm.

While I do that, click on the green button for my NEW

quarterly, practical

manifester's prayer journal:

called: Me & the U.

If you've ever thought, "God, take the wheel!"

This journal if for you.


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