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Ep. 47: Truth about Self-Help

Much of help-yo'self marketing

uses this 3-part structure:

1.) the world is doomed, basically,

(because of politics, terrible people, housing, money, lack of healthcare)


2.) we are all anxious


3.) here's how I can help you. I've got the remedy.

You're welcome.

That's not the life I see.

Life is pretty great

when I don't let my brain lead the way.

I don't want to spend more time with my own basest fears,

or use yours to make a dollar.

What would I love?

I want to remember, for myself, that I am a soul, or spirit, with a brain.

I want to act from alignment to my soul.

I'd like to have a basic understanding of my brain, since I have one.

What I notice: most of my thoughts come from fear.

I do not want to RE-ACT from my fearful brain.

I want to RESPOND, be responsible,

from a feeling of compassion.

I know that I am responsible for my feelings.

And my brain is causing my feelings.

And my brain is unreliable.

My heart, or soul, or spirit is always reliable.

My heart, or soul, also causes feelings.

It takes daily practice to be connected to our hearts.

This is why religions will endorse daily reading and prayer.

To be in touch with our soul, and

reach beyond our soul

to the general consciousness of the universe, or God.

Are you following me?

I also know that we yearn,

we ache,

to feel connection with other people.

But we often skip the step

of being connected with our soul first.

That's when we rely on connection with others to feel better,

which is unreliable and out of our control.

Today's Deep Breath: here's a practical juju nugget, a collective Next Best Decision.

Look, I don't have all the answers.

I'm nobody's guru. For sure.

But I want to be mine.

I want to listen to my own inner voice

before I seek out solutions from outside.

You can find any "expert" that endorses _________

to solve ____(any issue)____.

Another expert will give ten reasons why you should NOT do that thing.

I endorse journaling.

I endorse getting all our thoughts out on screen or paper,

to see all our fears clearly.

Have you ever heard anyone say,

Journaling is a terribly harmful practice, or

Journaling is always a bad idea?

Our same brain that creates fear and wants to "protect"

can also create solutions and intentions

and be RE-TRAINED.

Additionally, we have this barometer that always tells us the truth.

All our answers are literally inside.


We calm the brain.

We process feelings and let them go.

We attempt to understand ourselves.

We listen to your own wisdom,

connect to it,

thereby connecting to all the energy in the universe.

It takes just a few minutes a day.

Then go live your life

to the best of your ability.


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