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Act 3, Episode 21: (Im)Balance

What day is it?

(I know where I am.)

Life Coach Certification has been




There has been ample growth, for sure.

Example: Money.

My heart still jumps a little when I think that word.

The way it used to jump when I thought of weight loss.

I have been coaching myself for over 3 years, and

seriously moved my own needle.

You've witnessed it.

Getting coached by someone else?

The progress has been exponential.

Let's define.

Self-Coaching: writing your thoughts, looking at them on paper, and questioning them. In a nutshell.

Getting Coached: I tell them my thoughts, they hold incredible eye contact, question my thoughts in real time, without the emotion I have, and wait for me to answer.

It speeds up the process.

I have been coached weekly for four months by a luck-of-the-draw, qualified coach.

I have been coached 23 times by my classmates.

I have been coached during class.

I have been coached on my coaching during class.

So, yeah, it's been a minute.

Can we address Balance?

Don't laugh.

If you know me, and I think you do, you know that my pendulum swings pretty high.

Balance in the middle? I am literally laughing out loud right now.

Jane Pilger recently dropped a course, Trust Your Body, in the NoBS tribe, describing Home Base as that sweet middle between anxiety and low energy. I'd heard the concept before in trauma therapy.

Often with trauma, we vacillate between the two extremes, spending less time in the middle.

Home Base is where you are You, we are us. Not on alert, not depressed. We can breathe. We can produce, and do our best work. Our reactions are considered, potentially intentional.

It's where the joy is. The calm. The reasoning.

It's lovely there.

I'm lovely there.

We are lovely there.

I have been a Boss these last few years. Truly, I am feeling proud about what I have accomplished in this short time.

Has there been balance?

Not really, no.

Maybe I should learn balance, practice balance, then write about balance. Create a system or list of six steps to achieve balance, then market them and entice people who don't have balance to sign up for a course on balance.

Maybe I'm doing it backwards.

I haven't had balance.

I'm finding balance.

I'm trying to not only breathe,


and this blows my mind a little,

I'm trying to have some FUN.

I would not classify divorce as fun.

As I drove away from the Clerk of Court office with my certified copies of our divorce, I "rolled" the windows down and turned up the song I'd pre-chosen.

That was kind of fun.

I screamed a little first, in kind of relief and joy.

Spring in Florida is fun.

Kayaking and lunch dates are fun.

Today's Deep Breath: a practical juju nugget, a collective Next Best Decision.

What can you enjoy today?

A drive? The sun? Conversation with someone you love?

Slow it down. Notice.

Breathe and see it clearly.

It can be that simple.


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