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IAmNotBritish, episode two

Happy Brunch Sunday from Florida. Raise your mimosas and let's clink a cheers to a bit of connection between work, notices and ads in your inbox.

WEEK TWO! Still not British!

It has been a week, and the mood dipped considerably for a couple of days. What is it they say? The sun is always shining? Perhaps it was a cosmic planetary shift or alignment, or my reaction to base human behavior. Much like the sun, moods eventually rise. Self care of sleep and screen time reduction are the great suppliers of hope. 

Today's Deep Breath: (Here's where I share a practical juju nugget. May or may not be helpful.)

Love yourself enough to set boundaries and use a good moisturizer.

I am fifty. After subtly denying my needs to better serve others, self-care is now kind of my thing. Advisers would say to sustain a small level of care along the way, but I tend to be all or nothing, extreme.

My boundaries were not respected as a child and I don't keep them well as an adult. If there is a need, I will volunteer and only back away when it's most convenient for others. 

Self-sacrificing is not sexy.

Discussing and honoring boundaries that serve you and others is healthy and a form of self-love.

The one thing I have done consistently to care for me was to use facial moisturizer. If you are going to wash your face (please do) then you need to replenish it. Dry skin equals wrinkles. And absolutely start using eye cream at thirty, or younger. You're welcome.

Stay clean and sleep on. Until next time,

Tami Lowe 


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