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Find Your Strength.

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I'm Tami.

Welcome to a bit of warm connection. It's my thing.

be free from compulsive eating
Dry Plants

I am a writer and personal coach. I help clients feel better, make decisions and advocate for themselves using their own intuition for their next steps. 

I've lost 75 pounds letting go of things that no longer serve me. I divorced after 28 years, and loved myself through it. I spent 40 years in an orthodox religion, and bravely chose to leave. I left my abusive biological family, and was adopted at 22 years old.   

My educational background is in Human Development,  Psychology, & Creative Writing.

I am in love with the process of connecting to ourselves, in a world that is increasingly disconnected. I practice this alignment time as the foundation for my day. I enjoy witnessing transformation and feeling connection in our  

virtual couch time.

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