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Real life

is better than fiction.

Making Space   for Me,

my Mormon adoption Story

ebook $2.99, paperback $10


Hi, welcome. I'm Tami.

I write and read and volunteer for literacy and writing organizations. 

I enjoy sifting

wonderful and repulsive

elements of humanity

into messy, meaningful stories. 

In August 2018, I published a memoir with all proceeds going to charitywater.org. Together, my readers and I have helped fund piped well systems and latrines in Mali, providing not only water but education, improved nutrition and gender equality.


Making Space for Me uses fiction elements of present tense and first person. My intended audience for this story was young women in the prime of their decision-making, but also all people who love a good, happy ending.

Writing this story allowed me to connect with and become a better version of myself, but also to connect with those who have had similar experiences or feelings of pain, redemption and joy.

Vibes is a science fiction WIP that I'm thoroughly enjoying and crying over: The lives of an ex-Mormon family in Utah explode with a genetic conspiracy, as a professor from the University of Utah and some leaders of the Mormon Church desire to build a Utopian Denisovan society in Canada. I easily link recent, factual discoveries of Denisovan DNA with the primary characteristics of Autism in this fictional novel.

Lesbianity is the story of a Mormon wife and mother who realizes and declares her sexual preference for women and how that clashes with her family and faith.

The memoir's sequel idea, titled Another Way, is intended to be helpful to the many people who have left their religions in the last decade, but also dives deeper into my life and relationships--especially the one with myself.

Over 1 million members have left the LDS church since 2009 (Fred Karger, 2015.) Many Catholics have found it challenging to stay in their religion due to their church's reaction to the sexual abuse of children. In Utah, 60% of young people raised in a church have stopped going (Heidi Hatch, 2017.) I summarized my own experience of leaving the Mormon church in Making Space. Another Way will explain that individual spirituality cannot be controlled or tainted by those seeking power. It is mine. I am in control of my own belief. It's okay to have beliefs after leaving. In fact, it is lovely.


Also working on a memoir chapbook. I previously planned to compile these individually as my Water Books Series, benefiting charitywater.org but switched proceeds to Making Space.

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