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Here's a free resource to help you feel more connected to yourself. 

 Feeling lonely?
Be Your Own Best Friend.

Most of us are better friends to others
than we are to ourselves.

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Try a free coaching session with Tami.

What People are Saying:


"Thank you so much. I had so much information and so many feelings swimming around in my brain that I just felt like I needed someone to listen and help me sort it all into smaller piles." 


"...It kind of felt like brainstorming out loud and allowed us to eliminate facts or thoughts that probably didn’t matter, but kept me digging for what did.  So powerful! "


"I am going to take what I learned and work at creating better boundaries. Thank you again, Tami.  You have no idea how much this session allowed me to exhale a bit.  I look forward to working with you again in the future.  It was so amazing to have someone who had no emotional bias help clarify what was going on.  Clarity is priceless."

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