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IAmNotBritish, episode seven

Happy Brunch Sun--------(record needle drags)

Okay, I know. It's been a WEEK. Hopefully you are at home, still in your jammie pants, sipping some calming tea. Let's just get to it.

First, let us all take a collective breath. 

If I know you, and I think I do, you are managing your life like a giant Queen. 

Some of you are Mormon or ex-Mormon and are familiar with Emergency Preparedness as instituted by the LDS Church, or you are familiar with the emergency guidelines on the .gov sites. (For never-Mormons, I was Mormon for 20 years and it was my RELIGION.)

Some of you are moms and are ready for your kids to get sick at any moment, on the regular. 

Maybe some of you are wishing you had 16 rolls of TP under each sink, and disinfectant cleanser stations in each area of your house. Maybe some of you bought a cart full last week and are fighting to shove it in the cupboard. I know one of you said, "Forget this!" and went to Maui for a week to get away.

Getting away.

We want some way to get away from the chaos. To be calm. You know what I want to say, right? 

Let me tell you a story.

Nearly 30 years ago, I was laying on a metal cot in a jail cell, wearing an orange jumpsuit with no waist. For the first time in my young life, I wore no bra, day and night, because: WHY? (Makes me wonder why we wear them at all...) There was no TV--no cell phones in 1992, all I had was books I requested from family.

When I think about that Time, my memory of it SHOULD make my head shake and say, "Whew, glad that's over."

A lot of the elements of jail soothed my soul. 

Very limited interaction with others.

Shelter. No choices about clothing, no exchanged money, never cooking dinner or worrying about my next meal. Toilet paper magically appeared. Whatever was happening outside those walls, I was not aware of it. 

My world became very small.

Today's Deep Breath: (Here's a practical juju nugget. May or may not be helpful.)

We are attached to things that upset us. Our brains search for the new, crazy thing. 

I scroll Facebook because I want to know if the world has NOT ended...but also to watch third-hand as it does. 

Take some breaks, is all I'm saying. 

We pull others' thoughts over us like a blanket, so we can turn off our own mind. That is our chaos. 

So I ask you, WHAT DO YOU THINK? Take some time to figure that out.

And go vote on Tuesday. Raise a fuss if they close your polling station because of a virus or new party rules.

Just wash your hands.

Until next time,

Tami Lowe


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