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Ep. 22: Weight Loss?

When is the last time you felt genuinely content?

For example, holding a freshly-born baby.

Petting a puppy.

Did you feel a connection, of your life with the life of the little ones?

Not often, but enough, I feel a connection like this

with myself,

like a sunrise,

of my spirit or soul within.

I have these tools:

emails, blogs, social platforms, books,

coaching, courses and group calls online

and I want to talk about

this amazing Connecting.

Recently, looking at past blog posts, I

considered deleting the one

weight loss blog I did in the last year.

Until I looked at the stats:




I was so surprised!

It was not the best written, by far.

I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as every other topic.

I think I am writing to my people,

but maybe I am writing to myself.

My people apparently want weight loss.

There's nothing wrong, at all, with wanting to talk about weight loss.


Here's the story: I started a weight loss program,

an online membership group, in January, 2019, called No BS.

YES, I did lose 65 pounds.

But I find the loss of 65 pounds to be the least interesting part of the journey.


Yes, it feels so much better to be smaller. My body was not happy, certainly,

over-sized and clunky and sluggish,

Fatty liver, pre-diabetic.

I was really good at food storage.

Extra weight, or under weight, is a symptom.

"Know Thyself." (Socrates)

What did he mean?

If my life was being lived in a car,

I was not driving.

Maybe it seemed like I was, from the outside.

I was not taking responsibility.

This is the topic I'd like to talk about.

Absolutely, losing the symptom of extra weight

revealed loads of other imbalances


Many life coaches decide to coach clients on

weight loss. It's a symptom, a topic,

to bring us closer to the underbelly of beliefs

that keep us stuck.

I coach on it.

I also coach on imposter syndrome and

relationships and

getting comfortable with discomfort.

We start with what we know,

get truly honest about where we are.

Then we map out what we want,

and how to get there.

The worst that can happen is a feeling.

So, yes, I can coach on weight loss all day, all day.

Because I know it'll bring much, much more.


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