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ep. 58: back in the saddle

Morning y'all.

Whew, living the life


a joyful mix


mental stretching,

physical pushing and social animation.

If you're just joining my

OFF the COUCH intention, here's a clip: 

My generational default is to deteriorate and linger in a half-life on a couch, get an illness or dis-ease, and slog through  y e a r s  that way...until I die alone.

And that is not going to happen, because I am on a bright new path.

I've got no plan for this writing,

other than to tell you

what went down this week.

I said YES to a cruise to west coastal Mexico!

I painted with friends on zoom,

during my previous prime TV watching time. 

I'll attach a pic it.

I had the BEST visit with my soul-connected friend,

eating lush food,

meditating on her lush patio.

We laughed soooo gooood.

I heard,


for the first time,

the lyrics of BABY'S GOT BACK.


I'd never even heard of Sir Mix-a-Lot.

I think I heard bits of the song

on TV commercials?

Like Chex Mix or Burger King...?

Oh, no wait--was it sung by Donkey in the Shrek movie?

That makes sense--my son's first theater movie.

We watched Shrek a million times.

I'd heard the PG bits.

But, like, the real, FULL lyrics?

It won best rap and solo award in 1992--the year I fully, orthodoxically converted to Mormonism.

I was off the grid.

I saw the full music video

at a

45th birthday sleepover party with 7 women, her age and up, that I hosted in my 1300 sf house.

(OFF the COUCH!)

where I was

eye-witness to

the     best     booty     dancing     ever.

I did not know hips could move like that.

It's like...if a clock had 36 numbers--her hips hit them all.

TODAY"S DEEP BREATH: here's a practical juju nugget, a collective

Next Best Decision.

After I decided and proclaimed last week,

and burned that paper

of the path I'd been sitting on,

I received invites

to several things outside my comfort zone,

but only just.

The dates for these events are in the next few weeks,

which is very comfortable--

I can plan a few things a week

and then recover,


Drag Brunch, (The U heard my prayer for matinees!)

Rainbow Cinema Club, (movies with others!)

local Pride Fest and Meet & Greets.

Important to note: I didn't get rid of my TV.

I didn't burn it.

I'm done with all-or-nothing thinking.

I want to live in the middle where it's a combination of

cozy and NEW!

So I am intentionally planning

TV nights at home,

but no longer using TV to escape feelings.

I watched TV 3 times this week:

Nine Strangers, based on a book by an author I adore, and

a documentary on Buddhism.

It's been a great week over here.

Because I shared it with others.

Because I left the house.

Because I hosted at my house.

Back in the saddle.

Because I woke up every day

and got on the gratitude train:

a group of friends get on Zoom

for Mindy Leishman's Dream Builders membership (shout out)

to share what we are grateful for

and a-has from study.

There's a juju nugget:

start your day

by declaring out loud

what you are really happy to have in your life, even if it's just knowing

there is always sun above the clouds

painting with friends on zoom
Tami Lowe coffee cup


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