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Ep. 32 Thank You

I am ready.

First, thank you for being here.

You remind me what it is I love to do, which is

to assemble words into a connection between us.

I write from a feeling

of connection

to you, for you.

You are my friends, fellow writers,

my family and loved Ones.

You and I have coached together or

never met.

I love writing for you, from my heart.

So thanks for being my reader.

I realized this morning how small of a container

I place myself in.

Daily, I re-choose to live kind of small.

I want to live bigger, but then I pull myself back.

I want to feel worthy, but then pull myself back.

I have been living into a dream

that is "good for a victim."

Like, for a girl who grew up with _______,

this would be a good ending for her life.

Good enough for Her.

To have her needs met, to have a home,

and a little money to buy food and pay the bills.

Age in place and do nothing with

her remaining years.



To More.

If life is a periodic trip to The Universe's Costco,

and I can put any item in my cart from

incredible possibilities...

if everything is on the table...

What would I love to do?

What would bring me JOY?

Not just enough for a little girl from Wisconsin

who had no dad and aged out of foster care

and managed to graduate from high school

and was adopted at age 22

and wrote a book about it

and raised two amazing kids

and divorced with grace and love.

Not even enough for a coach

who lives by example of power, possibility and purpose.

How about "enough" for a divine soul

who is worthy of every amazing thing

and more

and always was,

from the day she was born,

worthy of Every Great Thing.

This is a new muscle, or maybe newly discovered.


You may have heard the phrase, go toward what feels warm.

I've been practicing dropping into what things feel like.

Instead of over-thinking, comparing,

making mental spreadsheets and doing math.

Let me flip the mirror to you:

if any scenario was possible,

what would you LOVE to do or be?

Today's Deep Breath: here's a practical juju nugget, a collective Next Best Decision.

Every human is given a framework of possibility

at birth

from our family, our culture.


At some point, we allow ourselves the duty

to decide for ourselves

what we'd prefer.

If all is possible,

I'd prefer ___________.

And ___________.


Once we decide, and name it, and attempt to


outside of our comfort zone of

what currently is

our reality,

we invite FEAR.

Fear is the edge of what we are used to.

It's like a fence in the yard of where we currently live.

We either step over (quicker)

or around (slower version)

the fence,


we turn back and stay comfortable.

Maybe the other side of the fence is quitting alcohol

or reducing caffeine.

Or eating more veggies.

Or maybe it's a career change?

Retiring early?

Or deciding to have more fun in your scheduled day?

If all is possible, what would you put into your cart?

AND NOW: what will others think?

Here come the buts.

But culture says this:

But family says this:

But my boss:

There's that fence.

For me, I see clearly this morning -

I am claiming enough for a victim.

I am acting like a victim, still. Sometimes.

I am in need of my own compassion,

and then,

letting that story go.

Will you hop the fence with me?

Until next time,



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