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Ep. 44, Seriously

When did everything get so serious?

(When did I?)

I just re-read my first two episodes of IAmNotBritish,

3 years removed from the words.

I was so fun. How did I manage that?

When did that change?

I also re-read the first episode of Limbic Girl.

I was quite fond of that title.

At the time, I was applying to get hired by another coach.

I received a "not now,"

which is quite nice,

better than never-in-a-million-years.

The reason for the no:

(let's be clear, that's what it was)

I used the word "limbic" in my coaching and

not everyone knows what that means.

I believed they were right,

and I completely scrubbed

the word limbic from my website.

Looking back on it, I didn't need to do that.

We all have THE GOOGLE.

If you don't know what your limbic is,

search for the answer.

There's an assumption that clients,

as newbies to the offered program,

need information diluted down to 5th grade language.

Furthermore, my kids as 5th graders,

would have been able to tell you what limbic was,

had they been taught

the concept about

their own brain.

Perhaps knowing more about our own brains is a GOOD THING?

Right, so when did everything get so serious?

Oh, ya - pandemic.

We all have our pandemic stories.


a 6-month marital separation in the same house,

17 more months separation before divorcing,

during which I sold the family home

while he lived at the beach, had a girlfriend,

who became his roommate,

until they broke up.

Yes, I have not put those details in this blog before.

Is it not nice? to say it in this public way?

It's what happened.

I wrote it super-factual.

I genuinely don't feel any negative adjectives towards anyone.

Hmm, why am I so serious?

Because I am trying to manage "all the things" and

keep all the less-than-ideal facts

tucked away in a corner

to portray this ideal divorcee life.

Today's Deep Breath: here's a practical juju nugget, a collective Next Best Decision.

TRUTH: I am not always "so serious."

I am actually quite peppy

when I'm not believing my own drama.

I'mm actually kinda fun.

This thought: why am I so serious?

has a faulty premise.

I wrote this rabbit-hole blog

when I BELIEVED it.

Scrubbing limbic from

my site and coach language

happened because I BELIEVED someone else's thought

and didn't hold space for my own.

PRIORITY: hold space for me.

Then, hold space for others.


be open to my own wisdom,

then, open to the wisdom of others.


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