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Ep. 49: Hold a Seat

Good morning from Florida--is it morning?

I feel hungover from all the desserts I ate

at a Christmas in July party.

After four plates of food, my eyes blurred at the YouTube holiday music video...

I felt a familiar Christmas NUMB.

You know the brain loves "familiar," whether it's good for us or not.

This morning, it is, in fact, July.

There has been a non-dessert stupor over here. I haven't written to you since May.

I started writing this to a handful of people

to process my feelings,

to oh-so-quietly squeak out

what was real for me

as we decided to separate, live apart, divorce...all of it.

I then created a pressure

to 'make this more'

and move on and

show myself

and YOU that


and making an amazing life over here.

I don't want that pressure. I mean, I am great.

Life is good here.

But also: I have all the feelings.

And it's a full-time party to manage them. I think I need rest

in a world that doesn't like to say that word.

I don't mean watching 100 TikTok videos about rest. I mean

screen free,

no-other-voice-but-mine rest.

I was recently interviewed on the Sun Happens Podcast about divorce over 50.

We discussed my exact situation

happening to so many couples and marriages.

I do not endorse divorce.

I do not endorse staying in a relationship either.

No one can decide what is right for you BUT YOU.

As a trained, certified life coach, I hold space for others to figure out

what they think and

what they really want

with zero judgement.

When was the last time you were in a space with zero judgement?

Think about it. Get back to me here.

TODAY"S DEEP BREATH: here's a practical juju nugget, a collective Next Best Decision.

Let's talk about you.

Of this pocketful of readers, I have friends who are




single with a partner,

single without a partner.

and pet lovers or not.

All of you are children of someone, whether you've met them or not.

All of you have neighbors in town, state, country and earth, currently.

That's a lot of people. And animals.

The way you interact with them, depends on how you feel about YOU.

My job: help others to see themselves and take a spot at the table.

I save you a seat until you can hold that space for yourself.

It's an easy first step.

Click on the link to see what's new at

Warm peace,

Tami Lowe

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