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Ep. 28: BOUJEE

Cell phone Safari tabs.

Every so often, I have to pare down MY open tabs on my phone.

I say MY tabs because they feel

like a part of me. At one time,

I searched for an answer and

these 33 valuable tabs are proof that I found it.

Proof that I have a curious, questioning mind,

and that answers are out there

to any question I might create.

This week, I watched the Jill Botle Taylor TED Talk.

She's the neuroscientist who had a stroke

which hit the reset button on her left brain.

But because she's a neuroscientist, she knew what was happening.


These 33 phone search tabs of mine

are definitely left frontal brain tabs.

Left frontal is all about the WORDS.

In addition to the Wordle game, I have definition tabs

that I've kept open to someday include in a blog post.

So when I'm not searching for words or playing word games,

I am planning in advance what I will do with words.

I'm fun that way.

You've seen this blog title: BOUJEE.

I had to text someone yesterday:

"How do you spell boshee?"

I thought it just meant: fancy.

Oooo, like, that's so boujee.

Or, that's too boujee for me.

Urban, my fav dictionary:

"Aspiring to be higher class than one is.

From bourgeois (middle-upper class, traditionally despised by communists.)


Modern English: creating an air of wealth

or upper class status, whether it's true or not."

I thought it was just fun to say!

Another one is SKOSH.

(Laughing out loud.)

I love it. I knew there was a reason I saved this tab.

Makes me giddy.

The O is long.

It means a small amount. Like,

"The car could do with a skosh more room in the back."

Then there's Wordle, the gateway drug to the New York Times.

Created by Josh Wardle,

a freaking fun word genius, launched it in October 2021.

After 2 months, 300,000 people were playing.

9 months after launch, and millions of players,

only 14% solve the word of the day on average.

I am not alone in my affection.

Today's Deep Breath: here's a practical juju nugget, a collective Next Best Decision.

We use all the words, all the time.

They are such a normal part of life.

My choice to actively look for new ones

and try them out and share them

makes me happy.

I feel curious, open to new possibilities and

excited for what life has to offer almost every day.

Some people really love birds.

I don't not like birds,

but if it has wings it's a bird. Interesting to watch for a minute.

But I don't have binoculars and get zenned out.

I do have a point.


A lot of what we do, our weekly tasks, are reruns.

(Another shower, really?

Mowing the lawn--again?

I just cleaned up in here!)

I talk about choosing your thoughts and feelings quite a bit.

There's a reason for that.

I adore choice. It is the vital part of my life.

My soul rejoices in my ability to choose.

Maybe I'll choose the same writing pens when I run out -

but maybe I'll make it exciting and spend 30 minutes in the pen aisle.

Your not dead yet.

The same way the day isn't over at 6pm,

life is not over after 50.

Stop reading this and go do something FUN!


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