Find & Use Your Voice

First: Journaling. Second: Meditation.
These are not new tools.
But doing them each day, changes your life:
Orchestrated divorce after 27 years,
sold the family home,
empty-nested adults kids
and living alone.

I've lost 65 pounds.
I've learned to use my voice.
Favorite question: What do I want?

When I started this blog, I used a voice similar to Gillian Anderson's in IAmNotBritish, because I had not yet found my own.
In Limbic Girl, I learned to express Me.
Act 3 is stronger, 100% me,
witnessing my own creation of a new life - asking:
What do I think? and What do I want?
Making decisions and becoming who I want to be.
Seeing the fear, and inviting it along for the ride.
This is the FUN part! Creating a life that I love.