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ep. 53: dips & tips

Hey y'all. It's been a minute. When you don't get an email from me, it's not because I'm on a mandatory 8 week vacation.

I live in America; that's not a thing here.

What it usually means is my brain has taken a very normal dip.

Dip = survival mode, low energy, a little checked out of normal me.

This morning I woke up and just had this desire

to be real with you about it.

And now that my fingers and keys are clicking away,

it feels like the Next Best Decision.

So I'm going to feel this out, just freely write, and see where it takes us.

I feel dips a few times a year.

I don't reach out to family or friends,

but those who have regular contact with me do notice and

The Close Ones walk with me a little bit, until I bubble back up.

The dip looks like hiding.

It feels sludgey, like I'm walking through half frozen chin-high puddles. Each step seems like a lot effort.

The dip is just part of my life. I accept it as normal for me.

It's part of my body.

My body and my soul are not the same thing.

My soul has a body.

This body was born into certain conditions...people, location, time.

I have no blame for any of those conditions.

They are just part of this body's life.

My soul is the same no matter the conditions.

We live somewhat disconnected from our soul.

We touch base.

We do soul-things, like go to church or pray or meditate.

Humans can do soul-touch things


not actually connect to our own divinity.

I think I was born with a connection to my soul. Maintaining it is probably my one consistent daily intention.

It feels like home to me, and I have always wanted to feel at home.

When I'm not in a dip,

I feel connected to myself. I can plan and achieve daily goals.

I am most like me.

Now that we've defined it...what's the point? Surely, my soul must have one.

I think the highest intention

for this little bit of writing

is to encourage anyone within hearing

to spend a few minutes connecting

to themselves.

To listen,

to feel your soul

respond, expand and gently burn.

Like turning on a light bulb below your chest.

Your body actually is not expanding...but your soul IS.

There is definitely a scientific way to explain the soul.

Of course, there would be.

We can measure energy emanating from the body. We can do experiments on the right frontal brain and the cluster of nerve cells near the spine in the torso.

It's nice to know, but it's not the point...

What do you do with that knowledge?

What do you do with your soul connection?

Do you find it helpful?

Do you let it help you?

Today's Deep Breath: here's a practical juju nugget, a collective Next Best Decision.

There's tons of ways humans connect with their inner selves.

For all the differences, there's a couple that are kind of universal.

Go ahead, name a few.

Did you get the top ones on my list?

  1. Breathing slow and deep,

  2. thinking or hearing universal truths--general truths that are true for all of humanity, not just one section,

  3. watching and hearing nature.

I believe all living things have a universal energy

(which is provable by science, and has different cultural and scientific names)

and all of that energy is connected to all energy in the universe

and I have that energy in me as well.

And when I'm in a dip, I can't feel it.

If I were to ask all of you: how are you feeling?

Would you say



In a dip?

One of the things that helps me pull myself back

to the living

is getting coached. Truly, just being honest.

I've been getting coached for 4 1/2 years, regularly for 2 years.

It doesn't magically prevent a dip.

But I pull out,

back to myself

much quicker.

Double-time at least.

Recently, I coached a client

and I was still lingering in my own dip.

The practiced, trained act of holding space for her


putting my own feelings and opinions on a shelf to do it...

gave me a break from feeling all of that.

I think it actually was the shift I needed.

Having my own coach helps me to live my best life.

Being a personal coach also does that, for me.

I hope you enjoy trying the 3 Tips above--truly.

Do it.

And let me know if you need help with your dips.

With warm connection,

Tami Lowe


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