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ep. 55: your map forward

Happy Sunday brunch from Florida!

Welcome. Let's raise a mug to a bit of warm connection.

I did some writing this week. 

In it was a nugget I'd love to share.

Read to find it.

This morning, 

I sought empowerment 

and inspiration 

for writing, creating…

And felt playful, creative, 

letting go of, 

“How will I use this in my work?”

And I played. 

Fingers dancing on the keys, 

clacking of them as I breathe, 

beautiful release 

of all the 'adulting' themes.

Playing with words, letters and commas

using the enter key in spots

that feel spunky

and against the rules.

There are no rules here--I am free to be a kid, and all the ages of me, all at the same time

and no one is here telling me I am wrong.

Because I am worthy.

I am free.

The stories we carry are incomplete.

They were formed by 

fascinating, intelligent, undeveloped minds

and carried

for so long,

breaking our backs and limiting our movement forward.

I thrown them off!

Let them go.

They are not true anymore.

What shall I be now?

Who have I become, carrying burden?

And who do I want to be,

now that I am free?

Who am I?

Here is the answer. 

At this moment,

I am creating.

In the next, and the next,

I will think, feel and do what I like.

There is no master, religion, partner or family

telling me my next moves.

There is no teacher or parent,

posterity or ancestry

telling me what to do.

This map is mine.

In this moment, I am open to what is next.

I will build a new life 

made of moments where I ask, 

“What do I prefer? 

What is my preference in this situation?”


It is a map 

that only I can create. 

A path never taken before. 

I will lead it, 

and I will follow my own lead.

I am happy to be me.


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