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ep. 57: off the couch

TRUTH: I have been sitting on the couch or in a chair,

watching TV every night for nearly all of 2023.

Up until yesterday, that was my life.

I actually was planning to write about Ruston on Netflix...

like I am an aspiring movie discusser.

I am not a movie critic -

I do not want to review movies!

(But, really, it's a super amazing,

mind-opening, inspiring story.

Highly recommend...)

Again, this morning, asking the same questions:

who am I?


who do I want to be?

There are these checkpoints in our lives,

moments of DECISION.

Well, today, y'all,

I am


Yes, my generational default

is to sit in a chair or on a couch, with poor posture, and deteriorate.

My generational default

is to deteriorate and linger

in a half-life

on a couch,

get an illness or dis-ease,

and slog through  y e a r s  that way...

until I die alone.

Truly, that's the heritage.

I saw where this path leads, so clearly, yesterday.

In 2023, I built a cocoon for myself. It felt

safe, warm, very comfortable, familiar and reliable,

I could trust it.

It was steady and routine and predictable. It was

a way to buffer my feelings -

to not feel.

It started as a healing REST

and it became a way to HIDE.

You can't feel hurt if you never leave your

(really cute, adorable and abundant)


(Which is not true. I can hurt myself easily with my de-FAULTS.)

So that was the past. I literally

wrote it on a slip of paper

and burned it last night.

Here we are again - NOW WHAT?

The other side of this hurriedly-typed coin is

there's a new path for me.

It will take courage,

one step at a time,

it will feel

exciting and scary.

Those two feelings are twins.

The only difference between them is how I breathe.

So I will breathe

and take a step.

I will generate courage on purpose.

The feeling of courage is now a goal for me.

I want to generate and feel courage

in order to live a full, bright, abundant life

with those I love and

those I haven't met yet.

TODAY'S DEEP BREATH: here's a practical juju nugget, a collective Next Best Decision.

I don't know what's coming.

But I believe that the steps will be worth the courageous effort.


I am going to share

this journey with you,

my fellow courageous couch sitters.

You know who you are.

Kids are gone.

Life is on repeat,

and you feel a little empty

and melancholy and

like you spent all your great ideas over all the years

on everyone else...only to sit

and crave

the next season of Bridgerton!

(which I think is in May.)

Write your own story! Share it back with me!

Let's make a courageous choice,

take a small step,

leading to HUGE results.

Let's not sit it out.

As was said on the Golden Bachelor three times:

"...get off the couch!"

I'm going to report here -

the scary, the fun,

the disappointments and the laughter.

If you need to spend 2024 witnessing my endeavors

before you make your own,

that's fine.

I hope you get inspired.

Because you know I'll be honest - and I'll be feeling all the things.

Who will I meet?

What will I will I lead,

as I so often tend to take the reigns.

Or maybe I'll let go of that and just follow what others have created...

Drag Bingo?

Speed dating?


I'm a sober woman on a path of light,

living her absolute best days,

generating energy to share with her 'sisters.'

I will hold a torch if you'd like to follow me.



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